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7 H Target "0.00 Apocalypse" CD 150kr

40 Gradi "Hi-Tech Re-Search" CD 150kr

Abdicate "Relinquish The Throne" PRO-CDR 105 kr

Abdicate “Forged In Ruin” CD 150kr

Abdicate “Transcend Through Sacrifice” CD 150kr

Abdicate "Fragmented Atrocities" CD 150kr

Abnormality “Contaminating The Hive Mind” CD 150kr

Aborted Fetus "Goresoaked Clinical Accidents" CD 150kr

Abraxas "Damnation" CD 150kr

Absinthium ”One For The Road” CD 150kr

Absurd Universe "Habeas Corpus" CD 150kr

Acranius "Dishonor" CD 150kr

Afflictive Emasculation "Obscure SlaVomition" CD 150kr

Afterburner "Tomb Of Kings" CD 150kr

Agathocles "Black Clouds Determinate" CD 150kr

Agathocles "Superiority Overdose" CD 150kr

Agathocles / Satanic Malfunctions "Split" CD 150kr

Ahumado Granujo ”Splatter-Tekk” CD 105 kr

Alehammer "Barmageddon" CD 150kr

Algol "Complex Shapes" CD 150kr

Amentia "Burn To Hate" CD 150kr

Amputated "Wading Through Rancid Offal" CD 150kr

Amputated "Gargling With Infected Semen" Re-issue     CD 150kr

Amputated "Dissect Molest Ingest" CD 150kr

Analdicktion “Sluts” CD 150kr

Anarkhon “Into The Autopsy” CD 150kr

Anatomy "Over Treatment" CD 150kr

Angel Of Death "Walking Out From 05:14" CD 150kr

Animals Killing People / Andromorphus Rexalia “Split CD 150kr

Animals Killing People "Kentucky Fried Killing" CD re-issue 150kr

Antigama “Stop The Chaos” MCD 105kr

Antigama "Stop The Chaos Remixes" CD digi 105kr

Antigama "The Insolent" CD 150kr

Architect Of Dissonance ”Realm Of The Deviant Throne” CD 150kr

Arsebreed ”Munching The Rotten” CD 150kr

Artery Eruption “Driving My Fist Through Her Chest” CD 150kr

Artery Eruption “Limbless, Splitting, Spewage” CD 150kr

Aruna Azura "A Story Of A Wolrd's Betrayal" CD 150kr

Asilent “Recalibrated Chaos” CD 150kr

Ass To Mouth "Degenerate" CD 150kr

Asylium “An Architecture of Human Desolation” CD 150kr

Atretic Intestine "Trail Of Entrails" CD 150kr

Atrocity "Let War Rage" CD 150kr

Auron "Auron" CD 150kr

Autopsy Night "The Desecration Of The Dead" CD 150kr

Avulsed “Gorespattered Suicide” CD 150kr

Avulsed "Ritual Zombie" CD 150kr

Azrath-11 "Ov Tentacles And Spirals" CD 150kr

Azure Emote "The Gravity Of Impermanence" CD 150kr

Bastard Saints “The Shape Of My Will” CD 150kr

Be Fading Fast "Global Attack" CD 150kr

Big End Bolt "Mechanical Race Creation" CD 150kr

Birth Through Gore “Reign Of Depravity” CD 150kr

Birth Through Gore "The Culmination Conquest" CD 150kr

Black Diamond "Last Man Standing" CD 150kr

Blaskhyrt "Ideological Carnage" CD 150kr

Bleeding Display "Deviance" CD 150kr

Blood I Bleed / Massgrav "Split CD" 150kr

Blood I Bleed / Lycanthrophy "Split" CD 150kr


Blood Of Seklusion “Caustic Deathpath To Hell” CD 150kr

Blood Red Throne “Brutalitarian Regime” CD 150kr

Blood Red Throne "S/T" CD 150kr

Bloody Sign "Vana Vigala Loitis" CD 150kr

Boal "The Deranged EP" MCD 105kr

Boal "Infinite Deprevation" 150kr

Bodysnatch "Universe Of Gory Tales" MCD 105 kr

Braced For Nails "Icons Above All Others" CD 150kr

Breast Ripper "Depths Of Inhuman Butchery" MCD 105kr

Breeding Filth "Perverse Devolution" CD 150kr

Broken Gravestones “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie” MCD 105 kr

Brutart "Mimic" CD digi book 150kr

Cad ”Deadnation" CD 105kr

Cadaveric Crematorium “One Of Them” CD 150kr

Cadaver Mutilator "Murder Death Kill" CD 150kr

Caedere "The Lost Conveyance" CD 150kr

Calm Hatchery "Sacrilege Of Humanity" CD 150kr

Calm Hatchery "Fading Reliefs" CD 150kr

Carignan "Mastubatorium" CD 105kr

Carnal Decay “On Top Of The Food Chain” CD 150kr

Carnivore Disprosopus "Condemned By The Alliance" CD 150kr

Carpathian Funeral “The End Of God” CD 150kr

Castrensis "Hierarchies" CD 150kr

Catastrophic Evolution "The Origin" CD 150kr

Catheter "Southwest Doom Violence" CD 150kr

Caustic "Hate Generation" CD 150kr

Cenotaph “Complete Demos & Rehearsals 94-96” CD 150kr

Cenotaph “Putrescent Infectious Rabidity” CD 150kr

Cenotaph “Re-Puked Purulency”  CD 150kr

Cephalic Impurity "Perverted Surgical Concept" CD 150kr

Cephalic Impurity "Eulogium For Incessancy" CD 150kr

Cerebral Effusion "Impulsive Psychopatic Acts" CD 150kr

Cerebral Incubation "Asphyxiating On Excrement" CD 150kr

Cerebral Incubation "Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication" CD 150kr

Christ Agony “Darkside” CD 150kr

Christ Denied "Drink... Drink The Blood" CD 150kr

Chaos Engine Research "The Legend Written By An Anonymous Spirit Of Silence" CD 150kr

Clawed Forehead "My Domain" digi CD 150kr

Cliteater “Clit 'Em All”  CD 150kr

Cliteater “Eat Clit Or Die” CD 150kr

Coldblooded "Noise In Your Head" digi CD 150kr

Colonize The Rotting "Composting The Masticated" CD 150kr

Coma "Mindless" CD 150kr

Combat Noise “Frontline Offensive Force” CD 150kr

Concrete Icon "Perennial Anguish" CD 150kr

Coprophiliac “Whining Bitch Treatment” CD 150kr

Corporectomy "Within The Weak And The Wounded" MCD 105 kr

Corpsefucking Art "Zombiefuck" CD 150kr

Corpsefucking Art "Quel Cimitero Accanto Alla Villa" CD 150kr

Corpus Mortale ”A New Species Of Deviant"  CD 150kr

Corpus Mortale ”With Lewd Demeanor" CD 150 kr

Cranial Osteotomy “Victim Of Wicked Sickness” CD 150kr

Criminal Element “Crime And Punishment Pt. 2”  MCD 105 kr

Criminal Element "Criminal Crime Time" CD 150kr

Cruenta Lacrymis "Sweetness And Blasphemy" CD 150kr

Crypticus / Scaremaker "Split" CD 150kr

Crypt Infection “Haruspication” CD 150 kr

Crypt Infection "Disentanglement" CD 150kr

Cydia "Evil Sun" CD 150kr

Cystic Dysentery "Culture Of Death" CD 150kr

D.Hate “Game With Ghosts” CD 150kr

D.Hate "L.I.F.E." CD 150kr

Daggerspawn "Suffering Upon The Throne Of Depravity" CD 150kr

Dan Deagh Wealcan "Two Straight Horizontal... " CD 150kr

Dawn Of Azazel "Sedition" CD 150kr

Dawn Of Decay “New Hell” CD 105 kr

Dead Beyond Buried !The Dark Era" CD 150kr

Deadlystrain “The Moltitude Of Beings” CD 150kr

Deathember Flower "Architect" CD 150kr

Decaying Purity “Phases Of Dimensional Torture” CD 150kr

Decaying Purity “The Existence Of Infinite Agony” CD 150kr

Decaying Purity “Malignant Resurrection Of The Fallen Souls” CD 150kr

Deceased "The Blueprints For Madness" CD 150kr

Deception "Nails Sticking Offensive" CD 150kr

Decomposed "Desecrating The Divine" MCD 105kr

Decrepidemic “The Void Of Un-Existence” CD 150kr

Decrepitaph "Forgotten Scriptures" CD 150kr

Decrepit Cadaver "The Beginning Of Depravity" CD 150kr

Deepred “Prophetic Luster” CD 150kr

Defleshuary “From Feast To Filth” CD 150kr

Def/Light "Transcendevil" CD 150kr

Deivos "Theodicy" CD 150kr

Delirium X Tremens “Belo Dunum, Echoes From The Past” CD 150kr

Demonlord/Nocturn ”Split” CD 105 kr

Demonic Obedience "Nocturnal Hymns To The Fallen" CD 150kr

Denial Fiend "They Rise" (+ bonus DVD) 2CD 150kr

Depths Of Depravity “Inspirritation” CD 150kr

Deranged "Cut Carve Rip Serve" CD 150kr

Deranged "Morgue Orgy" MCD 105kr

Derogatory "Graveyard Lovers" CD 150kr

Descane "Impossibility" CD 150kr

Desert Near The End "Hunt For The Sun" CD 150kr

Diamanthian "Arcana Doctrina" CD 150kr

Dickless Tracy "Halls Of Sickness" CD 150kr

Die Choking "III" CD 150kr

Digging Up "Disseminated Inapparent Infection" CD 150kr

Dimicandum "The Legacy Of Gaia" CD 150kr

Diminished “Chain Saw Cunt” CD 150kr

Diminished “Origin Of Apocaylpse” CD 150kr

Diminished “Rectal Torment” CD 150kr

Diminished "Regurgitating Rotten Semen" CD 150kr

Disastrous "Aftermath Of The Apocalypse" CD 150kr

Disencumbrance "The Betrayal" CDEP 30kr

Disfigured Dead Relentless" CD 150kr

Druknroll “On The Knife Blade” CD 150kr

Druknroll "Boiling Point" CD 150kr

Druknroll "In The Game" CD 150kr

Drunkard "Like Sin Explode" CD 150kr

Duodildo Vibrator "Light My Fire" CD 150kr

Dystrophy "Wretched Host" CD 150kr

Edvain "2012" CD 150kr

Embalmed "Brutal Delivery Of Vengeance" CD 150kr

Embalmer “The Collection Of Carnage” 2CD 190kr

Embludgeoned/Human Filleted "Split" CD 150kr

Encoffination "O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres" CD 150kr

Encoffination "III-Hear Me, O' Death" CD 150kr

Endocranial "Impact Of Change"  CD 150kr

Enjoy My Bitch “A Bitch Romance?” CD 150kr

Entety "Exhumed Sarcophagous" CD 150kr

Epicedium “Anthropogenic” CD 150kr

Epitome "Superotic Experiance" CD 150kr

Estuary "The Craft Of Contradiction" CD 150kr

Exaltation "Tales Of Total Sickness" CD 150kr

Ex Animo "Neverday" CD 150kr

Exempt "Awakening Morbidity" CD 150kr

Extinctionist "Portals Of Extraterrestrial Invasions" CD 150kr

Extirpating The Infected "Beheading The Dead" CD 150kr

Extirpating The Infected “Vaginal Saw Entorturement” MCD 105 kr

Extirpating The Infected "Reborn In Putrefaction" CD 150kr

Eyeconoclast "Sharpening Our Blades..." MCD 105 kr

Eyeconoclast "Unassigned Death Chapter" CD 150kr

Ezophagothomia "Oratory From The Burning Coffins" MCD 105kr

Fatal Error "Conglomerate" CD 150kr

Fatal Portrait “An Elusive” CD 105kr

Fausttophel "Thirst Of Oblivion" CD 150kr

Fausttophel "Sancta Simplicitas" CD 150kr

Fermento “Recipe For Cremation” CD 150kr

Festering Remains "Stabbed Beyond All Recognition" MCD 105kr

Festering Remains "The Destruction Of Sanity" MCD 105kr

Flesh Consumed "Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate" CD 150kr

Flesh Consumed "New Order Of Intelligence" CD 150kr

Flesh Consumed "Flesh Consumed Collection" CD 150kr

Flesh Consumed "Fermented Slaughter / Inhuman Butchery" CD 150kr

Flesh Consumed "Ecliptic Dimensions Of Suffering" CD 150kr

Fleshgore "Domain Of Death" MCD 105kr

Flesh Impaled/Infinited Defilement/Egemony "Split" PRO-CDR 105 kr

Flesh Made Sin "The Aftermath Of Amen" CD 150kr

Fleshless "Devoured Beyond Recognition" CD 150kr

Flying “Graceful Murder” CD 150kr

Forceout "Delusion" CD 150kr

Formless Terror “Sovereign Chaos Authority”  CD 150kr

Foul Stench “Eternal Rot” CD 150kr

From The Shores "Of Apathy" CD 150kr

Frozen "The Unborn" CD 150kr

Frozen Illusion “Hatespawned” CD 150kr

Fuck Your Depression "Total Conception Of Human Madness" CD 150kr

Fumes Of Decay “Devouring The Excavated”  CD 150kr

Funerus "Festring Earth" CD 150kr

Gastrorrexis "Grotesque Human Disfigurement" CD 150kr

Gastrorrexis “The Dark World Of Parasitic Infection” CD 150kr

Goemagot "Eradication Of Insignificant Beings" CD 150kr

Goemagot "Parasitic Incineration" MCD 105kr

Gonoba "Endless Cycles" CD 150kr

Goreinhaled “Suicidal Ferocity” MCD 125kr

Goreinhaled "Unleash The Bloody Storm" CD 150kr

Gore Inhaler "Welcome To Zombieland" CD 150kr

Gore Inhaler "Kara Fading Days" CD 150kr

Goretrade "Doomsday Device" CD 150kr

Gorged Bile "Absterged From Hominal Pattens" CD 150kr

Gorevent/Embryonic Depravity "Malignant Opus…Split" CD 150kr

Gorged Afterbirth "S/T"  CD 150kr

Gortuary “Awakening Pestilent Beings” CD 150kr

Grand Massive "S/T" MCD 105 kr

Grimness 69 “The Bridge” CD 150kr

Gross Grolland “What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake” CD 150kr

Grotesque Formation "Basement Decompositions" CD 150kr

Gutrectomy "Slamageddon" MCD 105kr

Guttural Slug "Megalodon" CD 150kr

Habitual Defilement "The Redemption Of Past Supremacy" CD 150kr

Halbered "Ruthless Game" MCD 105kr

Hammered "The Beginning" CD 150kr

Handful Of Hate "Blood Calls Blood" MCD 105 kr

Hellbastard "The Need To Kill" CD 150kr

Hellbastard "Sons Of Bitches" MCD 105kr

Hell:On “Age Of Oblivion” CD 150kr

Hell:On “Re:Born” CD 150kr

Hell's Thrash Horsemen "...Till Violence" CD 150kr

Hellstorm "Into The Mouth Of The Dead Reign" CD 150kr

Hideous Deformity “Defoulment Of Human Purity” CD 150kr

Highlord "The Warning After" CD 150kr

Hitax "The New Age Of Terror" CD 150kr

Horde Casket “Slab of Infinite Butchery” CD 150kr

Horde Casket "Bloodfiends" CD 150kr

Horrendous Forms Of Human Ruination Split CD (Paroxysmal Butchering / Incineration / Catatonic Rigidity / Abdicate & Goemagot) 150kr

Houwitser “Bestial Atrocity” CD 150kr

Human Filleted "Blunt Force Embludgeonment" CD 150kr

Human Mastication "Grotesque Mastication Of Putrid Innards" CD 150kr

Human Mastication “Persecute To Bloodbath”  CD 150kr

Hyonblud "Chaos From World Orgasm" CD 150kr

Hypnos "In Blood We Trust" CD 150kr

Hypnos "Revenge Ride" CD 150kr

Hypnos "In Blood WE Trusr/Revenge Ride"  2CD 190kr

Iatrogenia "Negligence..." MCD 105kr

Ichorid "Process Of A Rotting World" CD 150kr

ILL-Tick P.O.E “S/T” CD 150kr

I Miss My Death "In Memories" CD 150kr

Images Of Violence "Revenants" CD 150kr

Immersed In Blood ”Relentless Retaliation”  MCD 105 kr

Immured "Demo(n) Collection" CD 150kr

Imprecatory "Mortal Intestines Decay" CD 150kr

Inbreeding Sick "Sickness And Plagues" CD 150kr

Incarnated "Try Before Die" CD 150kr

Incesticide "Incesticide" MCD 105kr

Incinerating Prophecies "Depravity Incarnate" CD 150kr

Infected Flesh "Glorify Bestial Quartering" CD 150kr 

Inferia "No Sperm Shall Be Spared" CD 150kr

Inferia "Fistament" CD 150kr

Infernal Gates "From The Mist Of Dark Waters"  CD 105kr

Infernal Revulsion “An Epic Conviction” CD 150kr

Infidia "Reflections" CD 150kr

Infinite Within "Bestial Void Inevitability" CD 150kr

Ingurgitate "Bleeding His Sacred Kingship" CD 150kr

Inhabit “Pray For Nothing” CD 150kr

Inhuman "Conquerors Of The New World" CD 150kr

Inhuman Deformity "Servants Of Decay" CD 150kr

Insidious Decrepancy “Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious Suffering” CD 150kr

Insidious Torture “Lust And Decay” MCD 105kr

Insision “15 Years Of Exaggerated Torment “ CD 190kr

Insision "Terminal Reckoning" CD 150kr

Instorm "Madness Inside" CD 150kr

Interfectorment "Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian" MCD 105kr

Intestinal Alien Reflux "Exogenocide"  CD 150kr

Intestinal Alien Reflux “Illegal Aliens” CD 150kr

Into Darkness “Dysphoria” CD 150kr

Into Darkness "Sinister Demise" CD 150kr

Intravenous Contamination "Drowned In Human Fluids" CD 150kr

Ion Disruption "Troops Of Eternal War" CD 150kr

Invernus "Invernis" CD 150kr

Jasad "Rebirth Of Jatisunda" CD 150kr

Kaluman "The Anthem Of Blasphemy" CD 150kr

Karma Rage "soCium" CD 150kr

Katalepsy/Fleshrot/Blunt Force Trauma "Triumph Of Evilution" Split CD 150kr

Kataplexia "Genetic Intervention" CDEP 80kr

Khaoz "Salvation Through Bloodshed" CD 150kr

Kid Jesus "My Fantasy World" CD 150kr

Korp “Thorns Of Centuries Unfold” CD 150kr

Krampus “Mental Holocaust” CD 150kr

Kreation Kodex "Puzzles Of Flesh" CD 150kr

Krigblast "Power Till Demise" CD 150kr

Laconist “Adveniat Infernus / Blessed in Cthonic Salvation” CD 150kr

Legion Of Wolves "Bringer Of The Dark Sleep" CD 150kr

Lenny Blade "Taipei Nights" MCD digi  105 kr

Lethargia "Divine Madness" CD 150kr

Leukorrhea "Evolution Through Rape" CD 150kr

Liturgy "Dawn Of Ash" CD 150kr

Locus Titanic Funus "Castus Lacrima" CD 150kr

Lordes Werre ”Demon Crusades” CD 150kr

Lunarsea "Route Code Selector" CD 150kr

Lunarsea "Hydrodynamic Wave" CD 150kr

Machetazo "Live At CBGB New York City" CD 150kr

Mad Maze ”Frames Of Alienation” CD 150kr

Maggot Colony "Spewing The Violated Souls" MCD 105kr

Majesty Of Revival “Through Reality” CD 150kr

Mandatory ”S/T” CD 150kr

Mangled Atrocity "Grotesque Rituals Of Mutilation" CD 150kr

Manticore "Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated" CD 150kr

Masachist "Scorned" CD 150kr

Massgrav "Still The Kings" CD 150kr

Mastectomia/Mixomatosis “Split” CD 150kr

Master Charger "Unity In Black" CD 150kr

Maximize Bestiality "Extorterrestial Scolexomorphic Infestation" CD 150kr

Meathook "Facing Deformity" CD 150kr

Megascavenger "Descent Of Yuggoth" CD 150kr

Megascavenger "As Dystopia Beckons" CD 150kr

Memorian "Seven Sacrifices" CD 150kr

Mental Home “Black Art” CD 150kr

Meshiha "Molesting The Decapitated - Zombie Edition" CDEP 60kr 

Mesmerize "Paintropy" CD 150kr

Metal Scrap Records XX Years Anniversary "V/A" 2CD 190kr

Metalsteel "Entertainment" CD 150kr

Metalsteel "Entertainment" Digi CD 150kr

Mind "Save Yourself From Hell" CD 150kr

Mind Affliction "Pathetic Humanity" CD 150kr

Mind Snare ”Hegemony” CD 150kr

Mindcollapse “Vampires Dawn” CD 105kr

Misericordia “Dechristianize” CD 150kr

Misericordia “Erase The Skies” MCD 105kr

Modus Delecti/Clitoridus Invaginatus/Dismemberment "Split" CD 150kr

Moror "Abyss" CD 150kr

Mortal Agony "Dobermann" CD 150kr

Mortal Torment “Resuscitation” CD 150kr

Mortalized "Deathville" CD 150kr

Mortis Dei "Salvation Never Comes" CD 150kr

Mourning "Blinded By Hate" MCD 105kr

Mourning "Mourning The New Dawn" CD 150kr

Munruthel "Epoch Of Aquarius" digi CD 150kr

Munruthel "Creedamage" CD 150kr

Munruthel "Creedamage" digi CD 150kr

Murder Corporation “Whole Lotta Murder Goin' On” CD 150kr

Murder Intentions "A Prelude To Total Decay" CD 150kr

Nashgul "Obey" MCD 105kr

Natrium "Elegy For The Flesh" CD 150kr

Navalm "Recovery Of Sync" CD 150kr

Necrocide "Vomit Forth Blood" CDEP 30kr

Necrotorture "Gore Solution" CD 150kr

Necrotorture "Gory Memories" CD 150kr

Neuroma / Dawn Of Chaos "Northern Discomfort" Split-CD CD 150kr

Neuronia “Follow The White Mouse” MCD 105kr

Nightmare ”Astral Deliverance” MCD 105kr

Node "As God Kills" CD 150kr

Nomenmortis ”Misanthrone” MCD 105kr

Norylsk "Catholic Dictatorship" CD 150kr

Nuclear Vomit "Obora" CD 150kr

Nuclear Vomit "Koryto" CD 150kr

Obscenity "Retailation" CD 150kr

Odes Of Ecstasy “Embossed Dream In Four Acts”  CD 150kr

Ogotay "Dead God´s Prophet" CD 150kr

Ominous Gatekeeper "S/T" CD 150kr

Ominous Gatekeeper "Six Miles Down The Well" CD 150kr

Ominous Gatekeeper "Lord Of The Pyre" MCD 105kr 

Omnihility "Biogenesis" CD 150kr

One Step Beyond "The Music Of Change" CD 150kr

Oppressive Force "Chains Of Command" CDEP 30kr

Oral Fistfuck "Spiritual Sickening" CD 150kr

Paediatrician “Deformed Premature” CD 150kr

Paganland "Wind Of Freedom" CD 150kr

Painful Defloration "Esthetic Research Laboratory" CD 150kr

Parasitic Extirpation “Casketless” CD 150kr

Parasitic Extirpation "Putrid Crown" MCD 105kr

Pathology "Age Of Onset" CD 150kr

Pathology "Lords Of Rephaim"   CD 150kr

Penthagon “Penthagon” MCD 105 kr

Perishing Humanity “The Monument Of Human Lies And Hypocrisy” CD 150kr

Perverse Dependence "Gruesome Forms Of …" CD 150kr

Peshmerga "Murderous Acts Of Cruelty" CD 150kr

Phantasma ”Gospel” CD 150kr

Phobia "Decades Of Blastphemy" 4CD 460kr

Phobic "The Holy Deceiver" CD 150kr

Placenta Powerfist "Parasitic Decay" CD 150kr

Plague Angel “Stagnation Of Christ” CD 150kr

Postmortem / Casket Grinder "Sepulcro Eterno" Split-CD 150kr

Prejudice "Megalomaniac Infest" MCD 105 kr

Procreate "Omega Sanctum" CD 150kr

Profanation "Contorted Bodies In Pain" CD 150kr

Profanity "Hatred Well Within" MCD 105kr

Prophecy Of Doom "Total Mind War" CD 150kr

Prostitute Disfigurement "Descendants Of Depravity" CD 150kr

Prostitute Disfigurement ”Left In Grisly Fashion” CD 150kr

Provocation “Forging The Gods” CD 150kr

Psycho "Chainsaw Priest" CD 150kr

Publikk Enema "Death Swag" CD 150kr

Purulent "Gravito's Pathological Factor" 2CD 190kr

Purulent Jacuzzi "Stench Of The Drowned Carrion" CD 150kr

Putrefy "Knelt Before The Sarcophagus Of Humanity" CD 150kr

Putrid Pile “Blood Fetish” CD 150kr

Putrid Pile “House Of Dementia” CD 150kr

Putrid Pile “The Pleasure In Suffering Revisited” CD 150kr

Putrid Pile "Paraphiliac Perversions" CD 150kr

Pyorrhoea "I Am The War" CD 150kr

Pyrrhon "An Excellent Servant But A Terrible Master" CD 150kr

Pyrrhon "Growth Without End" MCD 105kr

Quaanaaq "Escape From The Black Iced Forest" CD 150kr

Ram-Page “Blooming Rust” CD 150kr

Ram-Page "The Depths Of Rage" CD 150kr

RazorRape "Revenge Of The Hermaphrodite Whores" CD  150kr

Red Hills "Pleasure Of Destruction" CD 140kr

Regicide Decease/Calcined “Death Illumination” Split CD 140kr

Regurgitate Life "The Human Complex" CD 150kr

Remnants Of Flesh "Degenerated Human Cells" CD 150kr

Repulsive Dissection “Cut Open The Aberration” CD 150kr

Repulsive Dissection "Church Of The Five Precious Wounds" CD 150kr

Rest In Gore “Culinary Buffet Of Hacked Innards” CD 150kr

Rest In Gore/Maggottholamia "Split" CD 150kr

Retaliation "Exhuming The Past - 14 Years Of Nothing" CD 150kr

Rot "Nowhere" MCD 105kr

Rottenness “Die Wege Der Lust” CD 150kr

Rottenness “Sickening Chronologies” CD 150kr

Rotting Repugnancy "Path Of The Diminished" CD 150kr

Ruins ”Spun Forth As Dark Nets” CD 150kr

Rupture Christ "Molesting The Entrails Of The Disembowled" CD 150kr

Sanatorium "Goresoaked Reincarnation" CD 150kr

Sanatorium ”Internal Womb Cannibalism" CD 150kr

Sanguinary Execution "Infinite Space Of Barbarity" CD 140kr

Sapanakith "Collapsing Of Immortal Traditions" CD 150kr

Sarcasm "Revolt." CD 105kr

Sarcophagy “The Summoning” CD 150kr

Sarcophagy The Onset Of Torture" CD 150kr

Satanic Malfunctions "Them" CD 150kr

Sauron ”For A Dead Race” CD 150kr

Scalpel "Sorrow And Skin" CD 150kr

Scrambled Defuncts "Souls Despising The God" CD 150kr

Sectorial - "E.A.R.T.H" CD 150kr

Seplophile "Mesonoxian" CD 150kr

Sepsism “Distorting The Mortal Visage” CD 150kr

Septicemia/Antraks "Split" CD 150kr

Severance “Progression Towards Purgatory” CD 150kr

Severance “The Truth In Question” MCD 105 kr

Severed Limbs "In Each Scenario You Die" CD 140kr

Severed Limbs "Collector Of Limbs" CD 150kr

Sexual Atrocities "Planet Of The Rapes" CD 150kr

Shame Yourself “Wonderfuck” CD 150kr

Short Bus Pile Up “Repulsive Display Of Human Upholstery” CD 150kr

Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement" CD 150kr

Sickening Horror “The Dead End Experiment” CD 150kr

Sickening Horror “When Landscapes Bled Backwards” CD 150kr

SickMorgue "Wings Of The Desolated Morgue" CD 150kr

Skeletal Specture "Occult Spawned Premonitions" CD 150kr

Skinned "Create Malevolence" CD 150kr

Slamentation “Procreating A New Body Art” MCD 105 kr

Slave Of The Underworld "S/T" MCD 105kr

Slowly Rotten "Human Misery" CD 150kr

Sordid Clot "Tuber" CD 150kr

Spice Mutated Corpse "Attempts To Death" CD 150kr

Spatial "Silence" CD 150kr

Splattered Entrails "Undercooked Intrauterine Deliacies" CD 150kr

Splattered Orgasm "Death Of Several Punishments" CD 105kr

Squash Bowels "Tnyribal" CD 150kr

Squash Bowels "Grindcoholism" CD 150kr

Stillbirth "Global Error" CD 150kr

Stormhold "The Lost World" CD 150kr

Sturmovik "Destination Nowhere" CD 150kr

Sudden Rage "Blind Trust" CD 150kr

Sufferatory "Pseudophilosophic" MCD 105 kr

Suture "Prolific Inhuman Deformity" CD 150kr

Svartnad "En Studie I Ensamhet" MCD 105 kr

Svyatogor "Doctor Veritas" CD 150kr

Symphony Of Symbols “Stupefying Beliefs” CD 150kr

Symuran “Syklus Av Helheim” CD 150kr

Syphilic "A Composition Of Murder" CD 150kr

Syphilic "Herratt Heen Trance" CD 150kr 

Tarantulo “Tarantulo” CD 150kr

Tenggorokan "Execution Of Death" CD 150kr

Terminate "Ascending To Red Heavens" CD 150kr

The Dead Goats / Icon Of Evil "Split" CD 150kr

The Gurchick Tree "Sadistic Reflections Of Blood" CD 150kr

The New Dominion "...And Kindling Deadly" CD 150kr

Thelema "Fearful Symmetry" CD 150kr

Those Who Bring The Torture "Piling Up" CD 150kr

Thunderkraft "Totentanz" CD 150kr

Thy Majesty “German Black Metal Art” CD 150kr

Tomcat "Bits N' Pieces" CD 150kr

Torture Division "With Endless Wrath We Bring Upon Thee Our Infernal Torture" CD 150kr

Trailer Trash Terror "Days Of Animosity" CD 150kr

Ulcerate "Of Fracture And Failure”   CD 150kr

Ultra-Violence "Wildcrash" MCD 105 kr

Ultra-Violence "Privilege To Overcome" CD 150kr

Unborn Suffer "Desecrate / Retaliate / Obliterate" CD 150kr

Unborn Suffer "Is This What We've Created?" CD 150kr

Unborn Suffer "Nihilist" CD 150kr

Unburied "Murder 101" CD 150kr

Uncreation “The Creation Of Uncreation 1993-2000” CD 150kr

Undecimber "Seven Nights Of Sin" CD 150kr

Unearthly "Unearthly" digi CD 150kr

Unfathomable Ruination “ S/T” MCD 105kr

Unfathomable Ruination "Misshapen Congenital Entropy" CD 150kr

Unfathomable Ruination "Idiosyncratic Chaos" MCD 105kr

Unfathomable Ruination "Finitude" CD 150kr

Ungrace "Feed The Demons" CD 150kr

Unholy Grave "Grind Killers" CD 150kr

United Mind Club “World Blood History” CD 150kr

Ur Draugr "The Wretched Ascetic" MCD 105kr

Usurpress "In Permanent Twilight" MCD 105kr

Usurpress "Trenches Of The Netherworld" CD 150kr

Usurpress / Bent Sea "Split" CD 150kr

Vadikan "Hydrargyrum" CD 150kr

Vermin "Plunge Into Oblivion" CD 150kr

Verminous "Depraved Institution" CD 150kr

Viral Load "Hillbilly Whore Hackin' Revival" MCD 105kr

Viral Load "Mouth Watering Stench" CDEP 30kr

Virulent Blessing "…As Creativity Turns Into Lunacy" CD 150kr

Visceral Bleeding “Absorbing The Disarray” CD 150kr

Visceral Bleeding “Transcend Into Ferocity” CD 150kr

Voice Of Midnight "Bifrost" CD 150kr

Voices Of Death “Part 1” CD 105 kr

Voices Of Death “Part 2” CD 105 kr

Voices Of Death “Part 3” CD 105 kr

Voices Of Death “Part 4” CD 105 kr

Vomepotro "Liturgy Of Dissection" CD 150kr

Vomit God "Exuding Anal Pustule Of Society" CD 150kr

Vomit The Soul "Portraits Of Inhuman Abominations" CD 150kr

Vomitory ”Raped In Their Own Blood + Redemption" CD 190kr

Vomitous “Surgical Abominations Of Disfigurement” MCD 105 kr

Voracious Infection "Endless" CD 150kr

Vulvathrone "Passion OfPerversity" CD 150kr

Vulvectomy “Post-Abortion Slut Fuck” CD 150kr

Vulvectomy "Abusing Dismembered Beauties" CD 150kr

Waco Jesus “Filth” CD 150kr

Waco Jesus "Mayhem Doctrine" CD 150kr

Wasteform “Designed By Disgust” CD 150kr

Welding Torture “EP 2011” MCD 105 kr

Windwalker “Dance Of The Elves” CD 105 kr

Wings In Motion "Cyclicity" CD 150kr

Witchburner “Blasphemic Assault” CD 150kr

Yogth Sothoth "Abominations Of The Nebulah Mortiis" CD 150kr

Yogth Sothoth “The Dark Waters Are Shaken” CD 150kr

Zarin "When The Time Goeth Mad" CD 150kr

Houwitzer "Moscow Atrocity" DVD 170kr

Putrid Pile “Live At Obscene Extreme 2011” DVD 170kr

Sevared Records “Brutailty Reigns Fest 1st Annual 2011” DVD 170kr

Sevared Records “Brutailty Reigns Fest 2nd Annual 2012” DVD 170kr